Proof that The BackBone(tm) is stable with Hercules lift and Juzo pressure monitor

The BackBone(tm) design is the most stable 30 degree Turning Wedge available. Even with automatic boosting sheets such as the Hercules system, The BackBone(tm) stays in place and keeps the pressure off. To see how stable and comfortable your person can be during lifting/boosting, watch this quick video  

Does The BackBone(tm) Lower Pressure Injury Rates?

Does The BackBone™ really work?   Everyone askes:  “But Gwen: Do you have evidence that The BackBone™ turning wedge actually prevents pressure ulcers?” My short answer is:  I have evidence that The BackBone(tm) reduces pressure better than any other positioning support. But if someone told you that a positioning support can take the credit for […]