About Gwen Jewell, and Her Turning Wedge Cushion.

preview-upload_card-Gwen portrait rough copy from linkedinGwen is Registered Nurse and a Board Certified Wound Specialist.  She began her career in health care by working as an ambulance emergency medical technician. She earned her Bachelor of Science in Nursing in 2006. Gwen currently works as a Clinical II Registered Nurse in Medical Surgical/Patient Safety and Quality, where she serves as a Clinical Resource Nurse Educator and Wound Care Specialist.

In 2012, as a “bedside training” nurse educator, Gwen was tasked to lead her hospitals’ pressure ulcer prevention efforts. It was here that she was inspired to develop better positioning supports and techniques. “Soon after beginning this work I recognized that there was a critical relationship between safe patient handling, caregiver ergonomics and pressure ulcer prevention that was largely unaddressed.” Gwen explains “and I was amazed that positioning support ‘technology’ was not evolving very well to meet the multiple demands of today’s healthcare environment.” More importantly, people continue to suffer from bedsores in all care settings. “I became obsessed with designing better products and techniques that were honestly functional, practical and safe for everyone. We must make it easy and affordable for caregivers to ‘get the pressure off‘. The only way do it right is to make the positioning fit the patient and the process, not the other way around.”

Gwen is devoted to helping people everywhere avoid pressure injury. In the process, she is using her innovative BackBone™ turning wedge and other pressure sore prevention products to make health care safer, more effective, and more affordable for everyone.


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