Welcome to Jewell Nursing Solutions

Jewell Nursing Solutions is a team of nurses dedicated to creating the best positioning devices for pressure injury prevention. We are founded on the principal that pressure reduction is the most important effort in the fight against pressure injuries. Nurses are the best people to ask about how to accommodate the physical needs of a person at risk of pressure sores, because we do it every day.

Ask any nurse; There are many things we can do to help prevent and treat pressure ulcers, but nothing is more important than REDUCING PRESSURE. As easy it is to understand in theory, true pressure reduction over an extended period of time is difficult to achieve in actual practice. But here is the good news; Turning to removing pressure really does work when you do it correctly.

How do we turn and reposition correctly? The Jewell Nursing Team has devoted years of study to answer this important question. What we learned may surprise you. It’s not so much how frequently a person is turned that matters the most. What is most important is how much pressure is taken off in the turned position. That’s good news also, because than worry about trying to turn a person every two hours, we can worry about turning them correctly so that pressure reduction lasts much longer than 2 hours. Instead of watching the clock, we can watch the position. The time to turn a person is when he or she is back on the his/her back.

When a support cushion can work well to achieve true pressure reduction for a sustained period of time, we can reduce the frequency AND reduce the pressure injury incidence and prevalence. Knowing how important it is and understanding how difficult it can be, the Jewell nursing team went to the drawing board to figure out how a cushion must be designed to best support a stable and truely pressure reduced position.. Our goal was to make the most effective, long lasting and comfortable supports possible.

The trick to providing best comfort and maximum pressure reduction is to address the “Beside Ergonomics” of people. You person’s support should be able to accommodate the physical needs and provide full ergonomic support without pushing, sliding or restricting or trapping the way the body natural lays.

The support devices you use are paramount to successful pressure injury prevention and healing. The BackBone™, HeelBone™ and AnyBone™ pillows are the only positioning pillows designed to provide full functionality and comfort across the entire healthcare continuum, from the operating room to the home care. When you use the best, you can take the pressure off!