Turn Therapy Theory Part 4 – Body alignment

4th principle of bedside ergonomics relative to 30 degree lateral turn position:

When a person is supported in a near 30 degree lateral turned position, the back to hip alignment is proportional to the degree of hip and knee flexion. A person may rest comfortably when the back is supported at 30 degrees while the the angle of the pelvis is greater than 30 degrees.

A. For the 30 degree angle to be sustained, there must be support under both the back and pelvis . If support is lacking, there will be a tendency for the unsupported area to shift to a neutral position.
i. If the upper leg is extended, the tendency will be toward less angle. Without lift under the pelvis, the
person will shift onto the sacrum
i. If the knee flexes fully, the pelvis will rotate toward a near 90 degree side position
ii. It is possible for a person to rotate the pelvis to near 90 degrees even while the back remains near 30 degrees

D. To achieve near 30 degree lift of both the pelvis and back, both the pelvis and back must be supported