Most “big box” manufacturers that contract with hospitals won’t sell directly to the end user. Most won’t even publish their prices on their website. I do. Why? Because people who are having problems with pressure injuries need this cushion, and I want to make it as easy as possible for them to get it. I have the luxury of running my company like a nurse, not a corporate executive. At the end of the day I measure my success by how many people I have helped reduce pain and suffering, not by how much money I make.

With this as my priority I also have the luxury of speaking the truth, as we nurses like to do sometimes 🙂 .  And the truth is, when it comes to this solution the difference between an end user/retail person caring for a loved one, is that a retail customer buys The BackBone and makes it work. Healthcare Facilities ask for a free sample and look for excuses why it won’t work.

The difference is where the priorities are.

I offer a satisfaction or your money back guarantee on The Backbone, and my return rate is less than 2%. A support wedge should be evaluated for how well it functions to achieve and sustain pressure reduction as compared to what you are using now Period.

Pressure injury development may be complicated, but the interventions are not. The Braden score is reliable. You have to remove the pressure, and you have to keep your patients clean and dry. The research supports my claims. NPUAP, AHRQ, WOCN, and thousands of journal publications, they all have the same findings.

Facilities that implement and maintain protocols that prioritize pressure reduction and peri-care into the nurses routine will see pressure injury rates go down. We nurses need the time and tools that function correctly. Turning and peri-care must have a higher standing in the days priorities.

If you have all that in place already and you are still seeing an increase in pressure injuries, then your team is not getting the pressure off.  I designed The Backbone™ to accommodate the multiple needs of any care environment. I am the first nurse to quantify the elements necessary to provide sustained pressure reduction in the 30 degree lateral position, and design a cushion to accommodate those elements. I am also the first to consider patient comfort and pain reduction as the most important function of the support.

The best way to prove it is to give the Backbone an honest chance!