I’m glad you asked! It means you understand what you are looking at, and you want the right thing for your patients.

The truth is that most people buy this cushion after they have conclusively proven that everything else doesn’t prevent bedsores, and their person now has pressure injuries. So I can tell you right out the gate, I have a thousands of customers that tell me their person’s bedsores resolved after using this cushion.

As a nurse I have to be honest: The question “does The Backbone prevent pressure injuries?” is a bit like asking if compression wraps prevent venous stasis ulcers. Its just the wrong question.

Believe me, I would not have put myself through all this effort and expense if I did not have evidence that The BackBone™ works better than everything else out there. The operative question is not if The BackBone™ prevents pressure injuries. You should be asking if The BackBone™ prevents pressure.

Of all the problems one could have that lead to a bedsore, the only thing all pressure injuries have in common is pressure. No matter what else needs to be done to try to prevent or treat your persons bedsore, reducing pressure is always necessary.

Always. I have noticed a tendency in our healthcare culture to believe that full pressure reduction is not possible, so we have to spend a bazillion dollars on advanced mattress surfaces and an army of caregivers to turn every two hours. It seems to me that turning to get the pressure off is more of a “we’ll do our best” afterthought than a true therapeutic treatment.

I am here to tell you: 100% pressure reduction for an extended period of time is possible! And we should strive for it above and beyond anything else we do to prevent and treat bedsores.

So do the right thing. Give The BackBone™ an honest try. Get just one or two and actually use it, as people taking care of their loved ones do every day. I am so confident that you will find The BackBone™ the most effective, stable and comfortable 30-degree lateral support cushion on the market.

But if you don’t agree, you can send them back for a full refund.

You have a responsibility to your patients, your facility and your practice to do best practice to prevent harm. The fiscal impact of advanced mattress surfaces, caregiver, workers comp lift injuries and of course pressure injuries must be part of your budget equation. Don’t catch yourself saying you had to spend even one $10 thousand dollar day on extended length of stay because you wouldn’t spring for a $150 dollar cushion!