What does Safe Patient Handling and pressure ulcer development have in common?


What does Pressure Ulcer Prevention, Safe Patient Handling and Caregiver Ergonomics have in common?

Jewell Nursing Solutions is a group of dedicated nurses who committed to Turning Theory to Practice. We focus on Pressure Reduction itself as the most important objective in our quest to prevent pressure ulcers.
We believe that with a sensible strategy and good equipment, we can save lives and save money at the same time!

The Science of Bedside Ergonomics
Years of experience have taught us that there is so much more to repositioning a person than just “turning 30 degrees”. So Jewell Nursing Solutions went to the drawing board to develop an all inclusive, ergonomic approach to repositioning. We have classified positioning techniques and strategies to teach caregivers how to safely accommodate the specific musculoskeletal alignment and circulatory needs of the patient while providing effective pressure reduction support for wound prevention. Incorporating ergonomics into Safe Patient Handling and using equipment that is designed to maintain ergonomically correct support off the bony prominences can significantly reduce both incidence and prevalence of pressure ulcers.

Caregiver Lift Safety
The rate of caregiver injury is 7 times that of any other industry(1). Many of these injuries are associated with repeated manual repositioning efforts. Jewell Nursing Solutions believes that safe patient handling and effective pressure reduction is possible without paying the high price worker injury. Our support equipment is designed to stay in place so that pressure reduction is sustained without replicated caregiver effort. Our comprehensive training teaches caregivers how to apply good ergonomic body mechanics, risk assessment and decision algorithms for more practical, timely, compliant and safe lifts.

The BackBone(tm) Turning Wedge. Effective Pressure Reduction. Our patent pending design is the result of 3 years R&D by our acute care nursing team. This high quality support device is designed to achieve effective, extended ergonomically correct support with no direct contact to the sacrum. The list of capabilities of The BackBone(tm) is so long in-fact, you’ll have to visit our website to see it all!