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The HeelBone Cushion

Multi-positional low profile flotation for all bony prominences in any leg position.


  The HeelBone Cushion is an Innovation is Heel Offloading

Low profile “Just enough” lift with strategic contouring to accommodate all bony prominences of the feet in any leg position.  

Ideal for long term flotation or when elevation of the extremities is uncomfortable or not practical

The HeelBone is a pressure-relief cushion developed by a nurse working in acute care. Through its unique combination of contours and hollow areas, the HeelBone is the only cushion available that is capable of providing float for all the bony areas of the foot, especially the heel, while at the same time maintaining support of the ankle joint against foot drop. With the wide, low profile, the HeelBone works regardless of leg or body position. Its unique features combine to achieve zero pressure while providing comfort to the patient, ease for the caregiver and cost savings for all:

  • Multi-purpose shape supports various patient positions: supine, Semi-Fowler’s, 30 degrees left or right.
  • Strategically placed holes keep additional ulcer-prone areas of foot like metatarsals and malleolus free from pressure when lying on side.
  • Low, wide and flat design minimizes elevation; makes device easy to position and maneuver.
  • Dual foam layer combines the comfort of a pillow with a firm base of support that maintains its shape.
  • Nylex cover is anti-microbial, safe for contact with sensitive skin and washable.
  • Convenient and cost-effective. Purchase one per room, not one per patient.

No product in the market currently addresses both the needs of the entire foot as well as the naturally shifting positions of patients.

  A Closer Look at the HeelBone and its Features

Put the Cushion Where the Legs Are…

Unique design allows the cushion to easily float wherever the legs land, instead of trying to fit the legs to the cushion. Provide floatation and support in bent leg and 30 degree turn.

Skin-Friendly Cover

Super soft and breathable, the cover is anti-microbial treated and moisture-resistant. No laundering necessary. The HeelBone can be rinsed clean with water or disinfectant wipes according to institutional requirements. Infection control and re-usuable means the HeelBone is environmentally friendly too!

Memory Foam

Soft, high-grade memory foam provides optimum comfort to skin surface; maximizes pressure distribution across all points of contact. Dense but soft foam bottom layer supports elevation to prevent “bottoming out.”

Perfect for Fractured Hips

Provides floatation without interfering with leg position or movement.

Thin and Wide – Floatation w/o Restriction

The HeelBone’s low profile is just enough to provide floatation without too much lift of the legs for ergonomic alignment in any body position. The wide surface area makes it impossible for legs to “fall off”, so floatation is achieved even when the legs are all the way to the side of the bed.

Designed to Fit

Anywhere, anytime, anyhow.