The BackBone Turning Wedge Support Cushion With Non Skid Fabric

Now with Non-Skid backing for Hospital Acute and Long Term Skilled Nursing Facilities

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High grade non-skid backing reduces slipping on advanced care air flow mattress surfaces.  Compatible with low air loss, alternating air flow, lateral rotation and air fluidized surfaces. Still has the same soft and gentle antimicrobial water resistant nylex on top.

The BackBone™ Turning Wedge is the only wedge positioning pillow that features bilaterally symmetrical angles and contoured edges for a form fitting support with minimal slipping. Provides gentle, ergonomically comfortable offloading without direct contact to the sacral/coccyx area or spinal column. The antimicrobial, moisture-resistant cover allows gas exchange for better microclimate control. Easily wiped clean for multi-patient use. Simple to place, versatile and long lasting. Effective support even during head of bed elevation. The re-useable more eco-friendly BackBone positioning wedge costs pennies per patient to use.

The BackBone™is the only curved turning wedge positioning pillow designed for optimal support and pressure reduction. The nurse designed and research proven BackBone positioning wedge is the most comfortable and effective pressure reduction wedge in the world. We guarantee it or your money back!

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BackBone Turning Wedge Non-Skid Specifications

  • NEW Version with Non-Skid Fabric for Acute Care is suitable for low air loss, alternating air flow, lateral rotation and air fluidized surfaces. The non skid fabric is only at the bottom side, the top is the same soft and antimicrobial water resistant nylex.
  • The BackBone is 28″ long by 13″ wide, and is angled bilaterally from 2″ at the “tips” to 5″ wide at the back. It is made with a resilient foam core and a top layer of high density visco-elastic memory foam.
  • Cover: Recovery5™ antimicrobial, moisture-resistant gurney pad fabric cover; flexible, reduced friction and sheer.
  • Multi-patient use. Clean with any institutional disinfectant wipes or soap and water.
  • Latex Free
  • Made in the USA
  • The BackBone™ Turning Wedge Patent

Satisfaction Guaranteed Or your money back! (When purchasing 1-2 BackBone™ cushions)

1. Guaranteed to provide the most gentle, well supported 30 degree turned position of any wedge.
2. Contoured support for precision offloading; avoids direct contact with Sacrum/Coccyx area.
3. Will not force a turn too far over onto trochanter/hip side.
4. Provides full ergonomically correct support under the back and hips.
5. Stays in place better than any other lateral positioning wedge.
6. Soft, Antimicrobial fabric will not leak, scratch or contaminate.
7. The only lateral positioning wedge guaranteed to stay in place with head of bed elevation.
8. The only lateral positioning wedge bold enough to guarantee more comfort than any other turning wedge!

Gentle lift without contacting bony prominences
Conforms to support in Semi-Fowler's elevation
Versatile to support in many other ways