The BackBone Turning Wedge


The BackBone™ Turning Wedge is the only wedge that features bilaterally symmetrical angles and contoured edges for a form fitting support with minimal slipping. Provides gentle, ergonomically comfortable offloading without direct contact to the sacral/coccyx area or spinal column. The antimicrobial, moisture-proof cover allows gas exchange for better microclimate control. Easily wiped clean for multi-patient use. Simple to place, versatile and long lasting. Effective support even during head of bed elevation. The re-useable more eco-friendly BackBone costs pennies per patient to use.

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BackBone Turning Wedge Specifications

  • The BackBone is 28″ long by 13″ wide, and is angled bilaterally from 2″ at the “tips” to 5″ wide at the back. It is made with a resilient foam core and a top layer of high density visco-elastic memory foam.
  • Cover: Recovery5™ antimicrobial, moisture-resistant gurney pad fabric cover; flexible, reduced friction and sheer.
  • Multi-patient use. Clean with any institutional disinfectant wipes or soap and water.
  • Latex Free
  • Made in the USA
  • The BackBone™ Turning Wedge is Patent Pending
How the BackBone™ Works for Everybody

Stay comfortable and off pressure points – mitigate pressure ulcer risk


Convenient to use and long lasting – save time and conserve labor

Healthcare Facilities

Re-usable, economic and more effective – save $$$, less headaches

Gentle lift without contacting bony prominences
Conforms to support in Semi-Fowler's elevation
Versatile to support in many other ways