Products for Pressure Injury Prevention and Safe Patient Handling
Nurse Designed - Nurse Approved


The BackBone(tm) positioning wedge is the only 30 degree turning support cushion capable of ergonomic comfort while circumventing the sacrum.

Available in standard (90lb to 180lb) and Bariatric (to 300lbs).

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The HeelBone(tm) is the only heel floating cushion capable of floating the heels at all times regardless of leg position. The heelbone can be adjusted to float all bony prominence’s of the feet without restricting movement. Low profile elevation provides heel offload in natural leg angles, making The heelbone comfortable for long term care.

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The Anybone is the only pillow designed for advance positioning. Use the same way as a standard pillow, conform or arrange contours to adapt to the body as needed. So comfortable you will want one for yourself too!


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