Nurse Designed and Tested:

The BackBone™ and all of our pressure relieving cushions are nurse designed and tested. There are plenty of reasons why this is important. When designing a product, especially for the medical industry, it is important to create something practical that patients will love to use. Caregivers everywhere use our products because they are the only cushions that field-tested and researched. Many know our products keep patients comfortable and better protected.


Why is the BackBone™ Curved?

The BackBone™ pressure-relieving cushion is curved to best accommodate the natural shape of the body. With its unique design, our wedge-shaped cushion stands out as the best option to keep pressure off and keep pressure-related injuries to an absolute minimum. The most unique feature of our wedge-shaped cushion is the patent-pending bilateral angles, meaning two of the three sides of the wedge are the same shape. This is important because it makes The BackBone™ the only positioning wedge that can support from under both the back and the buttocks, rather than the side. This ergonomic design makes for a positioning cushion of unequalled quality. We’re so certain of its quality in fact, that if you are not 100% happy, we will give you your money back.


How Do You Use the BackBone™

The BackBone™ is both effective and easy to use. Here is how you and your patients can get the most out of our pressure relieving cushion.

  • To use the BackBone™, you must position the patient on their side.
  • Place the extended tips of the wedge-shaped cushion under the patient’s shoulder blades and buttocks.
  • Support under the patient’s buttocks to keep the wedge from making contact with the lower back and sacrum.
  • The patient can now comfortably roll onto the BackBone™ and rest at a gentle angle, keeping the pressure off the sacrum, without forcing the patient onto their trochanter.