Welcome to Jewell Nursing Solutions If you are trying to help someone who is at risk or already has a pressure ulcer / Injury / bedsore / decubitus ulcers, you have come to the right place. We understand how hard it is out there. From the person caring for a loved one at home to […]

  “If we want to realize genuine improvement in the quality of the healthcare we deliver, we cannot start with technologies and protocols then work our way backward. We have to start with the patient experience and design forward. Our goal has to be to establish best practices and create innovations that will honestly serve […]

Pressure Injuries (also called Pressure Ulcers, Bedsores, or Decubutis Ulcers) happen when a combination of health problems are present that lead to long periods of uninterrupted pressure exerted on the skin. To help prevent and treat Pressure Injury / pressure ulcers / Bedsores / decubutis ulcers, its is important to understand why and how pressure […]