“Really good results with our client. I ended up using on a client with a stage 2 pressure ulcer that was developed over 48 hrs in hospital, post procedure. The caregiver was really able to get him off his sacrum and within 48 hrs the wound has shown great improvement and is almost completely healed. Client was able to tolerate the position really well and he is usually very difficult to keep off his back. Really glad that we have found your product.”

Really good results with our client Pam Conlon-Sandhu RN, BSN, CRRN Agility Health, San Mateo

“This is a super tool for any person. Many many uses. Great to prop my bedridden husband on his side. Much more comfortable for him than any other and extremely easy for me to use. I would highly recommend it”

Super tool P. Sannella, Texas

“We ordered this as a result of my wife having a stage three bedsore. It worked perfectly. You could use a two pillow approach but would have to constantly adjust the pillows. The wedge was stable and very comfortable. The material dried up quickly when you got it wet. I use it in the mornings as a table for her when she is still in bed having her coffee. Great device. I will be buying another one for when we go away.”

It worked perfectly Daniel Chen, New Jersey

“I’m very glad I went with The Backbone, Dad says it is comfortable and his pressure sore is healing. An alternate wedge provided by hospice is quite large and boxy, it’s too big for the bed and not getting very much use.”

Pressure sore is healing Ellen Litwinovich, Connecticut

“When we trialed these at our facility the nurses loved them. They are light weight and easily used for a variety of patients. We highly recommend them”

We highly recommend them Julia LeRoux, RN, CWS, AGCNS-BC, Clinical Nurse Specialist

“We used the wedge on one of our clients with a wound vac for his heel. Over the course of 48 hours, his wound improved tremendously. The staff is really seeing the benefits from the wedge so far.”

His wound improved tremendously Rebekah McAulay