About The BackBone™ Turning Wedge.

Relax! Our nursing team figured out how to support the most comfortable and effective lateral turned position so that you don’t have to!

The BackBone™ is the most comfortable and effective positioning wedge because…

The BackBone™ is the only low-profile turning wedge cushion capable of providing pressure reduction at a gentle “just enough” lift between 20-30 degrees. This angle is far enough over to lift the sacrum/coccyx off the mattress, but not too far over to cause pressure on the hip and shoulders on the opposite side. It is why we were awarded a patent on The BackBone™!
The BackBone™ is the only positioning cushion that supports UNDERNEATH the back AND pelvis. It does not just push from the side like the cheap wedges do. It’s another reason why we were awarded a patent on The BackBone™!
The BackBone™ is the only single piece wedge capable of full back and pelvis support WITHOUT TOUCHING the sacrum/coccyx. Instead of just a little block of support here and there, like the cheap wedges do. Its yet another reason we were awarded a patent on The BackBone™
The BackBone™ is the only crescent shaped positioning wedge on the market. Why does a crescent shape work better?
The crescent shape conforms to the natural curvatures of the spine, providing cradle like support and comfort.
The crescent shape is less rigid in the center. So when the head of bed is elevated, the BackBone™ flexes with the bend to maintain a stable turned lift. No more popping out or slipping out!

You guessed it. We were awarded a patent on the Crescent shape of The BackBone™ too!

Really, its not rocket science, it just makes sense. The solution is in the patented bilaterally symmetrical wedge angles and crescent shape. These features make The BackBone the only nursing wedge design capable of lifting from the scapula and buttocks without touching the sacrum/coccyx and spine. The BackBone provides support under the entire back and pelvis for an even, gradual and predictable angle of lift. Your person is not forced over too far, nor is he/she “let down” to a flat position because of slipping or lack of support. The BackBone will flex during head of bed elevation so that it can maintain a turned, depressurized angle without slipping.

Above all else, The BackBone is the most comfortable nursing wedge on the planet. Why? Because The BackBone™ is designed to fit humans.

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