Advanced offloading support for people suffering from Trunk, Spinal Column or Sacral / Coccyx Pressure Injury Wounds


Contoured shape makes it possible to lift the entire torso without touching back or hip wounds. Conforming to provide best possible comfort, and pain reduction.


Easy to place. Easy to clean. Safely cradles your patient in perfect 30 degrees for long lasting and minimal pressure to bony prominences.

Healthcare Facilities

Mitigate pressure injury incidence and prevalence. Advanced design and materials for effective intervention. Compatible with low air loss surfaces.

Designed by a Nurse

  • State of the Art Hospital Grade Quality
  • Available in single patient or multi patient use.
  • Effective support for any care environment.

    Acute Care, Skilled Nursing, Home Care

Use The BackBone as part of your comprehensive pressure injury treatment plan… order NOW!

Hello Patients, Caregivers and Healthcare workers, order our “Pressure Reducing Cushion” today and enjoy the best results using the best equipment.

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