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Jewell Nursing Solutions is a company dedicated to the prevention of injuries associated with immobility. Our mission is to pioneer effective innovations for bedside patient care. We design ergonomic pressure reduction support equipment and train caregivers on positioning & lift best practices for safe patient handling.

Our no-nonsense approach stems from the principal that removing pressure is the cornerstone of any good pressure ulcer prevention protocol. And that nurses, as the architects and technicians of safe patient handling, know best what tools and practical techniques are needed to accomplish care without harm.

Our BackBone positioning wedge is the only positioning wedge on the market that is designed by a nurse. Why should you trust a cushion designed by a nurse? Because we care as much about comfort and safety as we do about using equipment that honestly works – for everyone.

With a sensible approach, we can save lives and save money at the same time!


“I can tell you that we had nothing but rave reviews. All the nurses that used the backbone wedge did not want to give it up. They stated it was so easy to use, stayed in place, kept the patient where they were supposed to be. The patients we used them on (that were alert and oriented) stated they were much more comfortable than the wedges we currently have and were not pleased when I took it away. I know administration likes that we can clean it and frankly, so do I.”

– Magnolia Rehab and Nursing Center in Riverside, CA

“I’m very glad I went with The Backbone, Dad says it is comfortable and his pressure sore is healing. An alternate wedge provided by hospice is quite large and boxy, it’s too big for the bed and not getting very much use.”

– Ellen Litwinovich, Connecticut

“We ordered this as a result of my wife having a stage three bedsore. It worked perfectly. You could use a two pillow approach but would have to constantly adjust the pillows. The wedge was stable and very comfortable. The material dried up quickly when you got it wet. I use it in the mornings as a table for her when she is still in bed having her coffee. Great device. I will be buying another one for when we go away.”

– Daniel Chen, New Jersey

“This is a super tool for any person. Many many uses. Great to prop my bedridden husband on his side. Much more comfortable for him than any other and extremely easy for me to use. I would highly recommend it”

– P. Sannella, Texas

“When we trialed these at our facility the nurses loved them. They are light weight and easily used for a variety of patients. We hightly recommend them” – Julia LeRoux, RN, CWS, AGCNS-BC, Clinical Nurse Specialist

“Really good results with our client. I ended up using on a client with a stage 2 pressure ulcer that was developed over 48 hrs in hospital, post procedure. The caregiver was really able to get him off his sacrum and within 48 hrs the wound has shown great improvement and is almost completely healed. Client was able to tolerate the position really well and he is usually very difficult to keep off his back. Really glad that we have found your product.”

-Pam Conlon-Sandhu RN, BSN, CRRN Agility Health, San Mateo

“We used the wedge on one of our clients with a  wound vac for his heel. Over the course of 48 hours, his wound improved tremendously. The staff is really seeing the benefits from the wedge so far.”

-Rebekah McAulay

  Our Awesome Wedge

The Backbone Turning Wedge
Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • Guaranteed to provide the most gentle, well supported 30 degree turned position of any wedge.
  • Contoured support for precision offloading; avoids direct contact with Sacrum/Coccyx area.
  • Will not force a turn too far over onto trochanter/hip side.
  • Provides full ergonomically correct support under the back and hips.
  • Stays in place better than any other lateral positioning wedge.
  • Soft, Antimicrobial fabric will not leak, scratch or contaminate.
  • The only lateral positioning wedge guaranteed to stay in place with head of bed elevation.
  • The only lateral positioning wedge bold enough to guarantee more comfort than any other turning wedge!
How the BackBone™ Works for Everybody

Stay comfortable and off pressure points – mitigate pressure ulcer risk


Convenient to use and long lasting – save time and conserve labor

Healthcare Facilities

Re-usable, economic and more effective – save $$$, less headaches

So why don’t foam wedges work and how is the BackBone better?

  Unlocking the secrets to solve the problem

Once you understand the problem, the solution can be so obvious! The patented BackBone turning wedge ™ represents an evolution of how form follows function.

Turns out, when I began to understand why wedges slip out of place, it was clear what changes need to be made to make one work well. First of all, in our zeal to get a 30 degree angle, wedges have lost sight of the real goal. That is to remove pressure from the sacrum without placing pressure on the greater trochanter. The flat surface of a straight wedge cut to 30 degrees is too steep to support a person at that angle because a persons’ back is not flat. Especially as we get older, our spines tend curve out, and when we turn to the side in bed we tend to curl our backs. So when you place a 30 degree angled wedge against a rounded back, not only is it impossible to get the wedge all the way under the person, but you will actually turn the person greater than 30 degrees and closer to her trochanter. This is why they slip out of place all the time too. When the wedge is to the side, the persons body weight puts a constant lateral force to the wedge, pushing it away. Wedges fitted with a “no slip” surface are great at sticking to the bed sheet, but if the bed sheet cannot stick to the mattress, the wedge only takes the sheet with it.

Another thing I noticed in my nursing practice was that, if a person possibly can, he will always do one of two things when supported by a conventional wedge. 1. He will shift his hips to make himself flat on the bed again, or 2. He will roll all the way onto his side. He does this because laying at a half way, 30 degree angle is like trying to sit half way down. If you are not well supported under the direction your body is heading, your body will feel like it needs to keep going to get to a natural position. Since a conventional wedge supports to the side, the person feels like his back is not supported, so he shifts to a more supported, natural position.

The secret to an effective wedge is that it must fit under a person and across her entire back and hips! A wedge under a person will achieve lift, support and the person’s body weight will push downward and hold it in place. The only caveat is that it must support without touching the sacrum.

The secret to the BackBone’s success is in its unique, bilateral angling and contour design. Since the wedge is cut to the lifting angle on two sides rather than just one, it is possible to get the wedge all the way under a person’s back. The person rests on top of the cushion with an even, gentle lift so they feel well supported and wedge is pinned in place. The contouring shape conforms to the natural “curl” of a person’s back while supporting the hips to achieve a form fitting, ergonomically correct position, even when he is in a semi-fowler position. Pressure reduction is efficient because the BackBone will support while curving away from the sensitive bony prominences of the spine, especially the sacrum.

The BackBone Turning Wedge is a patent pending design because it is the only wedge design that can live up to all the challenges a wedge faces! Once you try the BackBone Turning Wedge ™ you will see why I say the BackBone is the best turning wedge in the world!

Gentle lift without contacting bony prominences
Conforms to support in Semi-Fowler's elevation
Versitile to support in many other ways