About Jewell Nursing Solutions

Since 2012, Jewell Nursing Solutions has grown to be dedicated to best pressure injury prevention for bed resting people.

Our goal is to create the most effective and safest pressure reduction positioning devices in the market.

Our unique designs are constructed to achieve optimal pressure reduction and accommodate the physical support needs and musculoskeletal alignment of a person while he/she lay in bed.

We use the highest quality materials to meet the strict standards of acute care for skin management, infection control and of course, pressure injury prevention and treatment.

Our cushions work better because they are designed better. Period.

We are also committed to our community and our environment.

We understand that just stopping HAPI’s (Hospital Acquired Pressure Injuries) and FAPI’s (Facility Acquired Pressure Injuries) is not enough.

For a variety of social and economic reasons, Community Acquired Pressure Injury incidence and prevalence is rising at an alarming rate.

The burden and harm to our people, our communities and our healthcare system is staggering.

As healthcare providers it is our responsibility and duty to assure that best prevention and treatment for pressure injuries across the entire continuum of care.

Proper education and equipment must reach every corner of our society.

Unlike our competitors, we consider the needs of our patient’s and the people who care for them above profit.

We make our products easy to get for anybody who needs them, even if they only need one.

We are the only bed positioning device maker to regard comfort and usability as the most important measures of effectiveness.

The ultimate value for our products are superior performance and durability.

Our cushions are built to last, not to throw away. We measure our success not in dollars, but in wounds healed and lives saved.

Lisa and Gwen.

Denny helps carry the wedges.

Denny helps carry the wedges.